17 March 2009

How to Produce Results in a Downturn

A general question is often coming up on dinner tables, network meetings, social functions, which is how to produce results in a Downturn? Results are basically the consequence of a particular action, operation, or course; it is the outcome of your actions.

How many of you believe that to turn a company around is a matter of implementing controls over your costs?

I imagine that most of you would agree that if you are able to implement scorecards, KPI's, financial measures results would consequently start to appear.

Believe it or not, there is more to this formula. There is a key factor, a human factor. Financial measures will be part of the going forward strategy although without a leadership presence to engage, empower and energize your team, results will slowly disappear again.

It is quite clear that performance measures are important and critical, but having a dysfunctional culture will stop and hold your strategy of being implemented effectively.

If you are jumping on a new assignment, make sure to leave behind any distrust or internal divergences before delivering the strategy to the future. A team that holds the same objectives will absorb the new initiatives faster and results will start to pop up.

Our Vantage Performance Team is looking forward to interacting with you again.


Pedro Bueno

Vantage Performance
Profit Improvement and Turnaround Specialists

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