02 July 2009

The Art of Inspiring Ordinary People into Extraordinary Workers

Lately I have been inspired by a person that makes a difference in other people's lives by empowering ordinary individuals and transforming them into extraordinary workers.

Harsh Shah, Senior Executive at Vantage Performance, has a passion for cultural transformation and as part of a turnaround process he includes a strong focus on empowering everyone on how to make a difference.

By that I mean, Mr Shah "listens big" to ordinary workers that have been working almost all their lives for that same company, dedicating their lives for that same employer. Mr Shah believes that those workers have and are the answer to most of his questions of what is affecting the performance of businesses.

Mr Shah also says that by "listening big" those employees that most of the time never have a chance to speak up start to feel empowered and engaged in this new future being created by the turnaround manager.

He points to the fact that a turnaround process can be shortened by inspiring ordinary workers to become leaders of their departments and example to others in the whole company.

It is quite interesting to think when one can inspire others and others inspire everyone.

Our Vantage Performance team is looking forward to interacting with you again.


Pedro Bueno

Vantage Performance Team
Profit Improvement & Turnaround Specialists

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Anonymous said...

This is true and in many ways has been described as an "upside down" triangle. Where senior managers and directors role are to support their middle manaagers and other towards the common goal of the customer.


Kate said...

It's great to see someone who is so passionate about making a difference in organisations, Harsh's enthusiasm is very infectious for those who have had the chance to work with him!