13 February 2008

Vantage Kokoda Challenge 2008

The Challenge:

To complete the Kokoda Trail and raise $30,000 plus for Youngcare!
This month The Point is taking a break from the various topics we normally discuss to bring you the story of the Vantage Kokoda Challenge!

In 1942 the Kokoda Trail was the scene of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese troops during WWII, as young Australian troops fought to protect our homeland. It is a rugged and remote 96km jungle path, filled with hazardous terrain, steep jungle clad mountains and swift flowing creeks.

Vantage Kokoda Challenge 2008

In April 2008 a group of 8, including the Vantage Directors and their business associates will take on the incredible 9 day challenge of the Kokoda Trail. All suits will be out of sight as they pull on their trekking boots and spray on the bushman's repellent to take on the Track.
The training
Gruelling training has commenced with the group doing regular 3 hour hikes up Mt Coot-tha, to ensure their fitness will be up to the required level to complete the track.

Who benefits?

Our trekkers are not only doing it for their own personal achievement but to raise funds. Vantage is looking to raise in excess of $30,000 to benefit Youngcare, with 100% of money raised going to charity (The trekkers will each be covering their own costs to participate in this trek and Vantage will be covering all costs relating to the administration and sourcing of sponsorships and donations.)

Youngcare was set up in 2005 to raise awareness and money to build the first of many facilities to provide a dignified and relevant lifestyle for young people with high care needs. The first of these facilities has recently opened with the goal of creating change for young Aussies with high care needs finally becoming a reality. Youngcare's goal is to build more of these facilities with around 6300 young people in Australia currently needing this type of care. www.youngcare.com.au

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or would like to donate, please contact us on 07 3229 5750 or e-mail admin@vantageperformance.com.au.

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