14 April 2008

Vantage Performance News

VANTAGE PERFORMANCE IS GOING GREEN. Yes that’s right. The Vantage group is going to become a carbon neutral firm.

We have just commenced a process with a company by the name of The Carbon Reduction Institute http://www.noco2.com.au/ whereby, they will be conducting an audit to determine our carbon footprint. They will then recommend a range of initiatives to reduce our footprint and then as a final solution recommend what investments we can make to reduce our footprint to zero (ie. Planting trees etc.).

We are really proud of this initiative and the small part we will play in the bigger picture so I hope everyone gets behind this initiative.

For further information, contact Vantage on (07) 3229 5750 or visit us on www.vantageperformance.com.au

Vantage Performance
Turnaround Management Specialist

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