09 July 2008

How to make your workplace a desirable work environment

I always think that where you spend most of your time through out the years has to be a place of joy, friendly people and a health environment. So why not make your workplace another one as you spend at least eight hours a day, five days a week, 12 months a year.

Every year Fortune 500 magazine puts together a list of the top companies around the globe that people vote for best companies to work for based on what they do to boost employee satisfaction.

The reality is that the best incentives are non cash based where people appreciates the most. It can range from gym membership, trips to the coast, day spa, restaurant vouchers, day care, health insurance, casual Friday etc…

On top of that, employees also appreciate respect, good communication, feedback, mentoring, career opportunities, flexibility, balanced work and personal life.

Go ahead, make a change, be creative.

How is your workplace environment? What would you like to change in your workplace?

Our Vantage Performance team is looking forward to interacting with you again.

Have a great day,

Vantage Performance Team
Turnaround Management Specialists

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