09 July 2008

What if your staff is not engaged with you?

Good Day Australia,

Vantage had the end of the financial year lunch at an Asian restaurant in Brisbane. The food was great but what really caught my attention was how every single staff from the restaurant was fully focused and engaged to serve us best. We could feel the appreciation of being looked after with continuous customer service.

Having your whole team working together, communicating and fully engaged is a strength that every business must desire.

How to do it? How to keep it? Questions that pop up and it is probably easy to answer but hard to have it.

Quite often we all know the answers but the x factor is having this fully committed team in a day to day matter.

Letting others that remain silent to speak or ask them every time they remain silent in a meeting or in a discussion room might instigate those that feel out of the team to “step up a knot” towards your business growth.

Eight hours a day full of meetings, daily commitments, networking and planning. Does that sound familiar? Are you able to stop and have a chat with everyone on your floor and listen to them for a couple of minutes?
You might notice that those team members that have been underperforming should start showing more thoughts related to your business. In the end of the day, everyone likes to work in a friendly and constructive environment.

How do you engage your team on a day to day basis?

Our Vantage Performance Team is looking forward to interacting with you again.

Have a great day,

Vantage Performance Team
Turnaround Management Specialists

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